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I used acrylic paint on a drinking glass. How do I seal it to ensure the paint won't come off when I wash it? Answered

I've read that baking sometimes does it, but I don't want to ruin it. I would also appreciate not poisoning the person I'm giving it to..




7 years ago

I was wondering what type of varnish or top coat you can put on to seal?
If you do seal w/ a top coat do you put it on after you bake the glass or before?

Can you drink from these glasses or are they strictly for decoration?
If you can , must you leave the lip clear of everything or can I paint to the rim?

I've read to clean with vinegar and rubbing alcohol and I've also read about some medium that you must use. Is that in addition to the enamel paint or if you use the glass paint.

HELP!!! I want to make low budget xmas gifts.


8 years ago

Jo Sonja makes a glass and tile painting medium that needs...needed? to be mixed with the acrylic 3 G&TPM to 1 A.

The decorated glass then goes into a cold oven, set at 165C/330F. 'Cure' for at least 45 minutes, and leave in the oven to get completely cold.

You can varnish,- with polyurethane varnish after this treatment, but don't wash the item for appx 2-3 weeks.

(I have read this advice directly off my JS bottle of G&TPM). 

I wash my decorated/treated glass only in cold water.

Hope this helps!

This is a tricky one.
Acrylic paint is NOT durrable AT ALL. You would have to seal it with spray-polyurethane. (minwax spray polyurethane from wallmart dries hard as a rock). Other than sealing the paint, you could try buying some paint specifically for this.

OR etch your own glass with etching cream, like what one clever maker did here:     https://www.instructables.com/id/Glass_Etched_Glasses/

The etching cream can be bought at wallmart or other crafty-stores. Expect $12 per bottle of etching cream (each bottle will etch hundreds of glasses).

You can't do much with this, except wash carefully.