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I vaguely remeber an interesting story about a town in Wisconsin... Answered

             I was surfing the web today and I can't remeber what it was, but something reminded me of this story I heard somewhere:  A small town in Wisconsin or somewhere else nearby simply disappeared for several hours.  Everyone and everything.  Then it reappeared and nobody knew the difference.   Can anyone tell me where this story might have come from or explain it further? 

P.S.  I'm placing this in "Technology" because that's where all of the awesome fringe science is


.  A Q&D search of the 'Net didn't turn up anything on a disappearing town in WI, but I did see a lot of articles lamenting how "Small-Town America" is disappearing. Economic hardships, but nothing paranormal.

Try searching Snopes.com. They're the single best source for checking out Internet rumors.

This might be am urban legend.

Sorry.  I don't really watch TV. 

Anyways, the UFO story is promising, but what I remember was something like the Philadelphia Experiment.  Just an entire town simply disappeared for a couple of hours.  I think this happened on Google Earth; that's where this might have originated I suppose.