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I want a new theme.... Answered

I dont think the street avatars would blow over that good, so I was thinking we could have a pic of your favorite artist/album as your avatar instead (like meh). My avatar is the cover of soulja boy's new album "isouljaboytellem". Your avatar can be whatever your favorite aritst/album is


I didn't really notice the muppet thing, but street avatars would be fun.


(Ow, this street talk hurts my fingers!)

There used to be a website called Gizoogle that would "tranzilate" anything into "gansta".

Oh no, this was a program that you installed...it automatically translated everything you typed in AIM.

No, Tony Montana has automatic weaponry! Fool!

Question, is Tony Montana related to Hanna Montana ? :-)

That's not a nice thing to call Ireland. She's just a little misguided, that's all!

As in "LAND HO!!!" not ho ho...

Now hear this: the next person in this thread to use that term when referring to a female human shall die. That is all.

Not a human. A country, which in English are traditionally genderized with the female pronoun (like ships and aircraft).

Well, of course you are, my dear stalker (or is that "deer stalker"?)...


I watch you while you're sleeping...I know when you're awake...I know when you've been good or bad, so be good, for goodness sake!

Looks like I gotta add another log to the fire...


Kiteman got Twizzlers! >:(
I can use this coal to fuel my soul..

Just finish cleanin' up your room Let's see that dust fly with that broom Get all that garbage out of sight Or you don't go out Friday night Yakety yak (don't talk back)...

You DO know that a Deerstalker is a type of HAT, right? Sherlock Holmes wore one.....

are you going to be Santa this year? ;-)