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I want a powerful,good range and cool knex gun BUT (dont laugh) i dont want it to be too many pieces!? Answered

Just an awesomeness gun wiith not to many bits




Best Answer 8 years ago

you could try hiyadudez turret pistol or knexfreeks desperado, i understand you havent got alot of parts, these guns are probably the best ones for people with little pieces.

iv made the desperado

and i really dont like turrets! :(

k, you could go for i am canadians striker pistol, ast pistol or spiff pistol, they are quit good!

im not that low on bits i can only make pistols

iv made the sipirini rifle
and more

what rifle's are good
(asst rifles)

iv got enough for an 8 shot now

back then i didnt

Oh, good. Another good thing to build is adamsdead shotgun 3.0, i have one and it is awesome, (a bit different than the one online though.)

Untangle is the most powerful ram gun ever made.  Make it, it doesn't use too many parts.

 search it on www.knexinnovation.net a single #62 rubberband gets you 50 feet
#64 gives 30-40 and every time you add one you get 70% more power and range. Good luck. Advice: Get some valium or finger numbers before you make it. My hands were bruised, red and bleeding really badly after it. I mean really badly I broke wood trying to hammer pieces in. Get some help if you can.

Just pump your hands full of morphine and hope they still listen to your brain.

 I don't wanna die from morphine overload. Local Anesthetic wont work because my hands will go numb, maybe hydraulic piston puller or something.

That was the first thing I tried.

Things I tried:
back of screwdriver, front of screwdriver, steel, drywall ( leftover bits when buildin' the house),handle of hacksaw, hacksaw blade, microwave ( plastic didn't melt too good and the gun wouldn't fit in),hammer, pneumatic hand drill, ipod and local anesthetics. 

 It softens the plastic, or maybe it would meld or something like that into the other pieces so I won't have to hammer it in.

I can haz best answer?  Silentassassin posted instructions on KI, but the Untangle uses the TR handle, stock, and trigger, just the barrel is different.

try my wrist guns


8 years ago

thanks for best answer!