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I want an older model/gently used projector... Answered

I was wondering if any had any advice/sources on how to get an older model/used projector. I am using it to mod a big screen to keep using the large screen without the expensive and near-impossible job of fixing the inside circuitry. I am not too concerned with HD capability, since I will only be using it to play old video game systems (non-HD), so all I really need is Red/White/Yellow A/V input and a resolution of 640x480 max. It has to be NTSC compliant, so somewhere in the US or Canada would probably be my only choices. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated!



9 years ago

I'm thinking your best bet is craigslist. but why not just use one of the tvs ppl have thrown in the trash because of new ones and the "ditigal switch"?


10 years ago

I would offer you mine, which blew up about an hour ago (seriously - there was a bang, a puff of smoke a and screams from the girls), but I've just found out that it is fixable.