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I want to be able to fall asleep to the sound of the waterfall ~75' away Answered

I want to be able to set up a wireless microphone that will be able to withstand the elements in a northern Maine climate (wind, snow, freezing rain etc) that will capture the sound of a waterfall close to our cottage and transmit the sound with fairly good fidelity to a bedside receiver.  Something that won't eat batteries, or maybe even solar powered (if simple enough)

I'm no electronics whiz (clearly) but surely this is do-able? 

The power lines come in from the other side of the cottage, so are more than 100' away.  Nearest neighbours are more than a half-mile so the only possible interference I could see would be from our own cordless telephones.  Any takers?


Big difference between leaky toilet and waterfall, at least for me.  The first is horribly annoying, the second is immeasurably soothing.

I've had a couple of those white-noise generators and my problem is that the loops are too short -- I have been able to detect the repeat.  Making my own recording, however, and playing it back via a sound system is an idea I hadn't thought of.  I could make the recording as long as I wanted and would pick up any birds that happened by.

I could eventually go wired once all the exterior renos are done, but that's a ways off.

Thanks for the ideas, folks.

Making a recording instead of hearing it in real time might be better, because you never know when someone will end up going to the waterfall and making tons ot noise or something... 

Actually, we're lucky in that the waterfall is all ours, and we're pretty out of the way, but you're right, the beavers would probably wake me working on their dams.

I'm a city slicker, indoor water fountains also sound like leaky toilets to me and I guess you would have a real "yule log" instead of watching it on TV like I do. Make a video and pop it into the DVD player and put the TV on sleep timer.

I have to agree with Caitlinsdad,  you can get "white noise" machines fairly inexpensively AND many of them have all the sounds you are describing.   Some even have "gentle rain on a rooftop"  which is one of my favs.

Unless you like the sound of running water at night - I only think there goes the leaky toilet again... maybe you might be better off with one of those white noise generators/waterfall-rain snooze alarm clocks.  You would have to pick the right location for your remote microphone and even then, you need a good sound system to play it back in the house as a receiver.  Maybe take a good recording of the waterfall and loop it in an mp3 and play it on your computer.  You could go wired and do some kind of weatherproofed intercom system always on.  I do not know what the range of those baby monitors are and walkietalkies don't have good fidelity.