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I want to become physically fit, but i dont know where to start from? Answered

Can any one help me out with exercises and diets to become lean, i want a six pack and look better, i am 6'2 tall 170lbs, please help


Hi! I'm nationally certified fitness trainer & strength and conditioning coach. You may be interested in a few of my instructables on exercise i have published. Just click my name i'm sure you will find them!
If you have any questions, i do have a forum topic on this going or you can just private message me!
Good Luck!

As orksecurity says, you're already lean (maybe TOO lean for that height!). As for a good exercise routine, I work with at least 4 people that have done the P90x program offered by Beachbody.com and have had amazing results. Yes, it's the same one on all the infomercials. The amazing part is that they have actually kept the weight off for years now and have completely changed their lifestyles because of it. I bought it myself but haven't started yet. It provides you with both nutrition and exercise programs and black and white and can be done by beginners as well as advanced people.

Agreed with orksecurity. Other than that...lots of exercise and eating well (balanced) will keep you there. I like www.onehundredpushups.com -- I've gone from virtually none to the mid 20s in just 2 weeks...

i went to the website u gave me, but it lead me to a bunch of useless sites, that just wanted me to sell things

sorry!!! hundredpushups.com is the correct address. They even have an online tracker to log your progress.

Do you want to be fit or look good? The reason I asked you is that if you want to be fit you need to combine a healthy diet rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, aerobic exercise for a healthy heart, plenty of rest and weight training to build muscle. If you want a six pack to impress the ladies at the beach a daily routine of sit ups and push ups will help achieve the desired results. And like any other exercise programs see your doctor first to make sure that you can safely stick to a demanding exercise routine. Start little by little keeping a log of your progress and do not overdo it, remember Rome was not built in one day. "Listen" to your body, you should feel tired but not exhausted at the end of a work out. If you try to do too much you might feel disappointed for not achieving fast results. The secret is discipline and making your efforts part of your daily routine. The best moment to start is TODAY and I wish the best. We want to see a lean, mean, handsome machine!

Do you know of a exercise routine I could follow?

It depends on what your goals are. I have a set of weights at home (which I confess I haven't used lately). If you want to work on your abs, chest or arms you develop your own routine. You may have to consult a personal trainer for specifics. Remember to rest one day between sessions of weight training to allow your body repair and build muscle tissue. If you work the upper torso one day work your lower body the next, thus alternating. There is no secret number of reps to do. Start with a comfortable number of reps and weight for one or two weeks and add a little weight and add more reps the next one or two weeks. Like I told you before work at your own pace and do not overdo it. Do not compare with others. Whatever number of reps that you decide to start with stick with that number. If you are very serious about this hire a personal trainer at your local gym and have him or her teach you the right way of using the equipment so you do not get hurt.

Start with sit-ups it works that area.

How many should I do, do u know of a routine I could follow?

If you are 6'2 and 170, you are ALREADY lean. Lots of exercise advice can already be found right here on Instructables, and elsewhere on the web, for useful exercise. What have you already looked at, and why isn't it adequate?