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I want to boot a usb stick that is plugged directly into the motherboard floppy connector. Answered

I am running FreeNAS in a ChiliBox.
It has no external drives or bays.
I don't want the USB stick poking out of it.


Buy a USB adapter for the MOBO. You can easily find one on Ebay, or you could take one from an older computer.


8 years ago

Hi; yes those would work. I really wanted a floppy solution though. I did find one in Germany that emulates floppy discs., up to 100. I know they make them for the hard drive connector. They are called DOM or Disk On Module. Also, I have another box with a MSI-K9A2 motherboard. This requires a floppy to update the BIOS. (Athlon-64 dual core) The Chilibox is very small, but has the floppy connector unused. It is a NAS (freenas), that powers down the storage HD after a while. It boots into RAM. Thanks Mick M.

I agree with the previous two. I've attached an image of what these sockets look like (because I happen to have one)



You could wire up an internal USB connector and plug into that. Whether the machine will boot off it (assuming it's bootable) depends on how its BIOS is set up; some will, many won't, and I can't vouch for that particular machine.

You need an adapter to plug it into the onboard USB ports that's all.