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I want to build a solar unit to run a 60 wt bulb (incandecent) from dusk til dawn. What do i need and how to assemble? Answered

Its for a small chicken coop (4X8). The light would be inside, and other components outside (weatherproof). Where can i get components and how do i assemble it?



First, look to something more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Second, figure out how many hours of light you will need and how much light you are getting now. Don't forget that winter has less daylight and more night : ) Once you have these figured out, you need to find a retailer you can trust. Start local and check prices on the internet. The system is going to need about a square yard of panel (with the incandescent bulb) and probably 2 deep cycle batteries. I'm sure that a quality retailer will have a security light system that would work 'out of the box'.

you should let your chickens sleep properly to keep them living without stress. sleep properly means darkness when the sun is not in the sky the electrical lighting used in coops is to stress them so they use up their life resource faster and make eggs faster. this is not normal condition for chickens and should not be used