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I want to build a wind power generator to power my RV batteries? Answered

I want to build a wind power generator so I can keep my batteries charged, what is a good generator to use?



7 years ago

Try this wind work windup 3 pages.............A

Wiring of a 10' diameter wind turbine.png

A VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) is your best bet. It won't 'windmill', the connections won't have to move as the windmill style wind generator needs to. No mater the wind direction, the VAWT will spin.

I like that, but why are the magnetic circuits always so crap ?

I take you mean, the builders of nice wind structures and zero experience with electric machines.
The sellers of large NIB magnets used to post good looking plans that were as you describe.
Did you see this pic ?
An old friend who has since passed, built it.
I liked the simplicity of the regulation.


7 years ago

The circuit works by the power inductor increasing its reluctance as the generator speeds up because the frequency also goes up.
Ergo the proper inductor will limit the high voltage from reaching the bridge. 

A crow bar can pull the power down if the everything Fails.
The last block operates as a standard battery charger.
One last safety is the Crow-bar also sends an emergency signal  to the generator and it becomes motor just spinning away.
I have only designed this so you will need to experiment with the values some.... A


Basically any electric motor with magnets in it eg. a treadmill motor, and some washing machine motors. Or you can make a generator there are many instructions on this topic.

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