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I want to build an RF R/C on/off switch - seeking advice Answered

Hi all, I am trying to build a small device that would comprise of an RF receiver, a battery pack (for the receiver) and a circuit to remotely turn battery-powered toys on and off - to work with an r/c controller. I'm building some prop toys that I would like to turn on and off remotely - I've used servos hacked out of r/c cars to physically hit momentary switches before but now I am trying to reduce the size of the gadget I need to hide in the props. (The props often use 4 AA batteries to operate, if that helps?).

I would love to chat with someone who knows how to do this!!!

Greatly appreciated,



You can get some small servos, but maybe you need "linear actuators" (like servos, but instead of going round and round, they go out and back)?

Have a look at ebay and google, but they are often also stocked by robotics parts suppliers.

Kiteman - thanks! I am just now reading up on linear actuactors and taking a look online to see what best suits my purpose (ideally the finished product - battery pack, receiver and actuator - would be quite small and could discreetly fit inside the props, although I am intrigued by actuators that exert 110 lbs of force - but that would be for a different build!). Do you have any recommendations for a specific brand/model, etc of small actuator?

I will continue to look into this and thanks again for the advice!


I've no personal recommendations (I've never used one), so I would go with a known retailer or a perfect-feedback ebayer.

Sensible! This next question then is for those Instructablers who have used linear actuators for micro operations: I need to source out a very small actuator that would be used to depress a momentary switch, so I don't need it to have a lot of force behind it (I've seen some of the 12V 110 lbs of force actuators online and I think they are too big and too powerful for what I'm going to use it for) - can anyone recommend/link to a very small actuator that can be powered by 4 AA batteries (the same batteries that power the receiver)?

Again, much appreciated!

(I seem to recall hearing RC people mention RC relays - wouldn't they do the job in an even more compact unit?)