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I want to build an electric go kart, but my main problem has been choosing what kind of motor to use, and the batteries. Answered

The kart isnt a very high end project, its just been on my mind for a while and i am making the leap from thinking to building, i was just wondering what kind of motor to use, i gues it would be a power to price type thing, as well as the power source to use with it.



<a href="http://www.greenpower.co.uk ">www.greenpower.co.uk </a>has lots of building information for electric racing cars on a budget. Also see my instructable.<br />


How fast can I make it? :)
Thanks for the info everyone... awesome!

i was also planning to make such a kart. I dicided ( maybey not the good spelling ) to make it of a starter motor of a car, but than i heard that they will burn down realy quickly, than thought how do the guys from youtube pull it off. plz gif me some awnsers!

The cheapest easiest motor to get would be a starter motor off a car or if you really want power you can get one off a Cat or other large machinery but they would be a little harder to get.  As for batteries, use car batteries or Cat batteries.  That's about the easiest cheapest way to go for an electric kart.

i wanted to do this also but my space got in the way so you might want to figure out what you want to do with it you can't ride on sidewalks it has to be street legal to be on the street (blinkers and such) and you need a valid drivers license

depends , how fast do u want it