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I want to build football pads with led lights on them. I have no programming skills. how can i achieve this thanks? Answered

sort of light kryomans outfit but on football shoulder pads thanks


get a battery with the 2 holes on top and take apart a clock or something and you will find a little thing that fits on top of the battery then just get some LED flashies and hook the together

If you just want lights, all you need is a battery, LED's and an appropriate resistor.

For basic flashing, a 555 timer is simple to use, and only needs minimal hardware (a few resistors and capacitors, possibly a transistor if you use a lot of LED's)

For basic effects like chasing LED's or alternate flashing, a lot can be acheived with a shift register or other logic driven by a 555.

thanks for the reply. yeah if google kryoman something sort of like that. maybe 50 led's front to back... so i buy one 555 timer for it and how do i wire the battery pack to it and what kind would it need. how many resistors would i need. eh this sounds like a daunting task

What sort of effect did you want?

You only need a single 555 timer. You can power the whole thing from a 6V battery pack, as long as you put a couple of diodes in the supply to the 555 in order to drop the voltage to a safe level.

Each group of LED's will need a transistor rated to handle the combined current, and an appropriate resistor (there are a number of online calculators).

If you are adding any logic chips, they can be powered from the same supply as the 555 (after the diodes), and should be placed between the 555 and the transistors.

You need to know what LED's you are using, and the effect you want before anyone can help with a more specific circuit.