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I want to build my automatic sliding door.i want to know what how to make by myself electronic motor to use on it. Answered

can you help me what electronic motor can we build our to using at my sliding door???i already know how to make the part of the sliding door frame...but i dont know what electronic or motor can i use to make my sliding door  to make it be automatic sliding door..please help me...like at this website 
please help me..


There are so many variable elements here it is difficult to advise you.

1. Your going to need the sliding door

2. Your going to need some kind of sensor to detect people approaching

3. Your going to need some kind of drive to operate the door. Some kind of motor or actuator.

4. Your going to need to know when the door is clear so you can close it again.

For real simplicity I would go for a pressure pad each side of the door to sense people going through.

I would make the door easy to slide so it take little effort to make it open.

I would take a small electric motor - Say from a car radiator fan or even a small model motor (your not going to be able to make anything reliable) and put a rubber wheel on it - Mount it on the door so the wheel rests on the floor and can drive the door open and closed.

I would put a small switch (micro switch) to show when the door is fully open and fully closed.

The rest is down to a lot of experimenting to get it to work correctly.

thanks you very much...i will buy all the item you say...and will get you help if i have other problem..thanks one agains..

what particular components and electronic parts i needed to do this project..what kind of sensor and motor.

i want to know the codes used in this automatic sliding door sir..pls

i want to know the codes used in this automatic sliding door sir..pls