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I want to build my own safe ? Answered

I want to build my own safe instead of having to buy one if anyone has any information on what equipment i need to build one or a link to a website with helpful info you would be a great help to me Thanks


Better security if you hide it rather than just make it strong.

Better build it into the fabric of the building - Concrete is pretty easy to handle.

It's easy to waste money getting much more protection than you need. It's also easy to waste money by getting the wrong kind of protection.

Your first step should be to decide what you need the safe to do. How strongly does it have to keep people out, as opposed to making it impossible for them to get in without your knowing? (The government is fond of putting top-quality locks on what are basically file cabinets, since they are more concerned with the latter than the former.) HOW LONG does it need to keep them out, against what level of skill? Do you need to protect against fire and/or flood? Do you want the safe to be visible or hidden? How strongly do you need the safe bolted down so folks can't walk off with the whole thing (or will it be too heavy/too obvious to move)? And so on.

For serious security, the most cost-effective solution might be to get a floor safe, of the type intended to be cast into concrete, and install it in your basement. Those are basically a plastic box (to create a space in the concrete), a reinforced door frame designed to anchor firmly into the concrete, and a secure door to lock into that frame. Concrete and rebar are cheap, if you have somewhere to install them.

For cheap fire protection, it's really hard to beat the commercial low-budget boxes from Sentry and its competitors... but those ARE NOT SAFES, no matter what they look like, and should be considered mildly tamper-resistant at most.

REMINDER: If you have a safe, you _must_ maintain it. Safes are something of the ultimate in user-hostile devices; if they malfunction you have to bring in an expert to deal with them. Make sure your budget will allow for that.

Actually, in many cases the right answer is not to have a safe of your own, but just to rent a safe deposit box from a nearby bank. Then maintaining and securing it is _their_ problem. But the waiting time before one of these becomes available can be substantial, unless there's a new bank opening in your area.

You want to look for locks, because you'll not be making that. The rest is sort-of "how good are you with steel-plate or reinforced-concrete?"
You've researched this?