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I want to bulid a submerged computer Please HELP!? Answered

I wanna bulid a submerged computer what type of mineral oil should i use, or do u know a better type of liquide i should use instead?


Puget Systems (http://www.pugetsystems.com/submerged.php) make some kits to build your own submerged system that are supposed to be pretty nice. They document the process on their site pretty well, including giving model numbers of the parts they used!
DON'T use cooking (vegetable) oil! It slowly polymerizes (turns into rubber) in air, and heat (like your CPU) makes this happen faster! Just use straight, uncut, mineral oil. That's what the electric company uses in their big transformers to help them stay cool. The stuff sold in the pharmacy (baby oil) is way more pure (and expensive) than what you need, but will work just fine if that's all you can get.
Clean your motherboard, power supply, and anything else going in the oil. Don't be afraid to open the power supply: just wait 30 seconds after unplugging it and the bleeder resistors inside will have drained any charge off the filter caps. Any dust, dirt, or labels, are going to come off the surface and float around, making your oil cloudy. Not so nice to show off. Just clean the components the best you can with air and brush, then use a brush soaked in mineral oil to get the surface dust. Give it a final rinse in oil just before you put it in the tank.
Puget leaves the fans in their system to circulate the oil, like low-power pumps. It should help dissipate the heat.
All your connections are going to have to come out the top of your container. Try to put some kind of "disconnect" between the system and the outside world or you're going to have oil seeping out of your keyboard! Use a cordless keyboard and mouse, and extender cables for power, network, usb, audio, sata, and video. Put some "pass-through" bulkhead connectors in the lid of the system container. The extenders go from the motherboard/videocard/power supply to the inside of the lid, and everything else stays outside. This includes your drives! DVD and harddrives don't do well when the spinning platters hit viscous oil (eewwww!). A SSD (solid state drive) or really big flash drive are fine - no moving parts.

I hope that helps.

Get as solid of a computer case as you can (few fans as possible), and seal it. You could also use like a fish aquarium. When you fill it with oil you can use unscented mineral oil or regular cooking oil. Make sure you have a program that can monitor the temp of your processor.

. Google "submerged computer" . Not a big deal which type you use. Avoid perfumes/&c.; Get the lightest stuff you can easily find. You may be able to find it in 1- or 5-gallon quantities at animal feed stores. Should be much cheaper than buying by the few-ounce bottles at "human stores."

I've also seen 'cooking oil' used...- only side effect is that some oils tend to 'creep' up and out of their container if they're not sealed - higher adhesion than cohesion...some funky effects of surface tension :D

Build the computer as normal, minus the case and fans. Put the motherboard in a big enough tank (aquarium, tupperware, sink) and fill with mineral oil to completely submerge it.