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I want to buy a wireless camera but i need a small dvr device? Answered

i want to buy the item at the bottom of this question. I need some sort of dvr to record the video and audio to. I want it to be cheap and somewhat small. Can anyone point me to something that i could use. I have sd and xd cards. I have a few flashdrives to. if i could find something that i could plug one of those into that would work.



www.dealextreme.com has LOTS of camera/sending/receiving/recording equipment for dirt cheap. I've been super happy with everything I've bought there so far.

Most of the portable recorders have a hard drive right inside them, because video generally takes up quite a bit of room and doesn't always fit on memory cards. Try googling for "portable DVR" or "portable video recorder". I found this one rather quickly, I'm sure with some searching you can find one for about half that much.

that would be great but I want something between $0 and $30.

Ha, good luck then. In that price range, you'll have to look on Freecycle to get what you need.