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I want to change my bios settings(p5vx-b), but can not remember my password.? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

That was careless. Jumper 13 is your CMOS memory clear, power off & bridge it.



Doesn't get any simpler than that - If you have any access to SEE the current settings (just not change them without password) then write down everything as its currently set - so that you can reset those settings; or you might have a not-very-functional computer after the flash..

There I go again, making assumptions that people know what things do... thanks for pointing those out. Factory defaults is what I'd expect(?)


Factory default is good for 95% of the time, but if you rely on a special raid card or something similar to boot up - its good to have those settings right.

**notably, people with advanced hardware know where to configure it in the bios

I tend to think of BIOS passwords a bit like locking-up your socks. You might be technically more secure in some way, but it's more likely to cause a problem (such as this) than solve anything.


Thanks that worked perfect. Took only minutes and was easier then disconnecting the battery.

 Simple just take out your motherbroad cmos battery

go to your motherboards makers site and look at the support for resetting the pasword most have a back door

do you mean the whole BIOS to switch to a diffrent OS?

also you might need to take out your battery