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I want to chop my 1947 Plymouth coupe. I would like to know how to brace it before I do any cutting? Answered



Go to www.streetrodderweb.com and ask that question !

You will get an answer from guys who do this stuff on a regular basis and even some who do it fer a livin' !!


8 years ago

The roof of a '47 is small enough that you shouldn't need much. I would remove the seat and get a couple of those hinged sawhorse brackets that you use to make your own sawhorse from 2x4s. Cut the legs long enough to touch the ceiling inside the passenger compartment and go to town on it. 
I would recommend using a cutting method that produces no heat. A jigsaw or Sawzall with a metal cutting blade comes to mind.
A hacksaw will do for the supports along side the windshield. Cut them first and use clamps and pieces of wood to hold them together while you cut the rear section of the top.
Once you remove the top completely, then you can proceed to quarter it, trim it, fit it, measure it etc. 
Chopping a top is a very big job and you should feel confident enough to take a flat sheet of steel and pound it into a contoured curve with hammer and dollies....because that's exactly what you will have to do to make it look right in the end. You'll need to know how to hammer-weld too.
Don't forget to take pix and post the project here.

The only bracing I could find was across the door openings so that when the top was loose, the frame/body would not sag in the middle.  Look closely at the '30 Ford #5.