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I want to construct a water well from cardboard, approx. 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. Answered

This will be used as a collection receptacle in our children's church project as "well" as in the bible story of Joseph.


IIRC, a biblical well was typically a deep hole with a low wall around it. Collect or make small boxes (tissue boxes?), paint them sandy-colours (maybe mix sand and poster paint into PVA glue), then build a circular wall with the boxes. For permanence, glue them together.

Use a knife, cut it up. Form the bits you need and glue them together. There isn't a ready made plan for this, but if you've got specific questions on method ask about them? You know what you want, you can cut the parts, is it the gluing you want help with?


refrigerator cartons come to mind