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I want to control 3A Stepper motor so i got this driver (L298 Moudule "Dual H-bridge motor driver using L298" )? Answered

I have got the circuit connection but i do not know if it will support this much current at max load 
and i am not sure which input to control and what is the given output , i have to use this as t is the only driver available to support this much current



Best Answer 5 years ago

As Steve said that pdf shows you only need one pin from the micro and that is the clock a frequency from a micro output pin to pin 18 of the L297.

The other features like enable pin 10 goes to Vcc and direction of rotation pin 17 set to Vcc or ground.

In fact you could run it off of a 555 timer .


Ideally, you use an L297 as a driver for the L298, but otherwise you are faced with programming the pins from a microcontroller.

It will handle a 3A stepper motor OK, the limit is 4A

I understand that thanks but i do not know the inputs of the L297 and what to connect them to and how to send the signal to move the motor from an arduino for an example

The PDF you posted shows exactly how to wire the 297, and what the pins do.


Have you looked carefully at the L297/L298 data sheet


It explains that:

The L297 has enable signals
Direction to turn (CA/CCW)
Full steps or half steps

The chip will step the motor on every clock input according to the setting of these pins.

Seems fairly Ok to me

How to drive these signals from your PIC program is a bit up to you.

Connect the PIC outputs to the L297 pins and turn them on is the short answer.