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I want to control a RC Rock Crawler 4X4 truck with Wi-Fi in place of the radio control? ? Answered

I have a RC "radio control" 4X4 Rock Crawler Truck that I have mounted a AIRSIGHT Wi-Fi camera with pan and tilt that has a 360 degree range of about 150 Feet from my wireless router, I want to use the pan signal from the camera to control the steering and use the tilt signal for forward and reverse. The truck will not need a speed control as it moves very slow anyhow. It has a normal servo for the steering and two 12 volt DC motor's for the front and rear drive's.
 I have a Arduino UNO and a 2A Motor Shield that I bought for the truck but this will be my first project of this type and I need help.
Also I will not need the camera to pan or tilt but I thought it would be easy to cut the wires to the pan and tilt motors and use them for my signal wires for steering and forward and reverse, also I can drive the truck with the camera software from any PC or tablet.
 Thanks for any help!   


This is a crude way for me to show the pinouts for the pan control but its the only way I could explain the outputs, it has a 5 wire, 5.0v DC motor with the red wire as the center tap, I think the camera uses a sine wave output and I only have a ohm/volt meter so I cut the signal wires and used jumpers to get the outputs.
I have a Arduino UNO and a Motor Shield if it can be used.
The photo's I'm including shows the jumper connections and the results of each, Thanks for any help

Yellow and Blue open.jpgYellow open.jpgBlue wire open.jpgBlack and Brown.jpgBrown wire open.jpgBlack wire open.jpgPan motor pin out.jpg

You will need some circuit that can read the output to the cameras motors and translate that into motor controls for the car. It won't be an easy project. Especially if you don't have a lot of electronics experience. The best way to go about this would be finding what pins on the main chip in the camera are signaling the camera's motor controllers so you can re-rout those lines to the motor controllers for the RC.