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I want to cook artichokes (whole, fresh) on a salt block. Any tips for this? Should I precook the arti some? Answered

A full sized artichoke takes a long time to steam or boil. I want to cook some on a Salt Block but don't know if I should pre-cook them a bit so they don't have to stay on the salt block all day.  I am sure I can cook them on the salt block but also wonder if they will continue to be tough if not par cooked. I'll report back with photos when I am done and figure it out.



3 years ago

i think brining then baking would have the same effect.


6 years ago

I would definitely par boil the artichokes before using a salt block. I would guess that if you didn't, you'd have very uneven cooking. Just make sure that the artichokes are as dry as possible (after you've pre-boiled them), as too much moisture will draw out a lot of salt from the block (which is why a salt block should be completely dry, for at least 24 hours before use). So you may want to pre-boil them the day before and allow them to dry before you cook with the salt block the next day. ~ Good luck with it. I'd like to hear how it turns out.