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I want to delete all of my instructables for moral/job related reasons, but due to contest entries I cannot! Answered

FOr reasons due to my boss at work and republican voting people and moral people that comes to my work and knows me and my own boss, I'm needing to delete all my instructables, but for some reason due to having them submitted to the 2012 Halloween Contest last year, I just cannot! So can someone (an administrator or someone who works on this site) please delete them for me and erase any traces on the internet that would link back to them? I'm doing everything I can to delete all my pics on the internet myself due to job related reasonings so I don't get found out by my own boss and get possibly fired over it!


Please email service@instructables.com with your username, email address, and exactly what actions you want us to take


5 years ago

Would they even know it is you? Your user name isn't your full name and your face isn't shown in any of your instructables.

Wearing gold lame is not a crime against humanity, well, maybe it is or should be... But blame it all on an evil twin and use it for grounds on unfair discrimination. Makestrong.

You need to email service@instructables.com and ask nicely.


Unless your boss has some sort of deep moral objection to gold and silver lamé, I fail to see anything in your profile or posts that could cost you a job.

On top of that, even if the admins deleted any trace of you here, all your projects have been referenced by other websites - those pictures and text are loose on the net, and you'll never track them all down...