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I want to design and build my own keyboard and mouse from scratch! Answered

So i REALLY want to design and build my very own keyboard and mouse, I want to build it slim like apples or kind of that style.. So is this possible? Is there any guides out there for this? How much will it cost?
Anythin will help, thank you in advance :)


If you're happy with a membrane, you're in a better position. Print on the back of a piece of mylar with an ink-jet, or go to the expense of using a print shop with the aggressive inks that bond to plastics.The PCB underneath is pretty straightforward.

Interesting. I don't think I've seen a homebrew membrane-switch design. If you have, or have an idea which might work, that would probably be worth writing up as an Instructable. Conceptually it's easy enough (conductive ink on a flexible surface, spacer layer, contacts beneath it) but I don't know what materials might actually hold up to moderate use.

We use discrete pushbuttons, surface mounted, with a spacer panel, and a printed membrane. Its not cheap, but its configurable.

The circuitry for a keyboard is pretty straightforward -- it's a switch matrix with diodes to prevent backward flow (which could yield "ghost" keystrokes), together with a keyboard scanner chip which notices when a key's state has changed and reports that, plus a bit of additional circuitry to provide a clock for the scanner chip and to interface it to the PC (usually it outputs a serial signal; if you want USB you need an adapter).

The hard part is the mechanical side of things -- obtaining or creating a switch matrix which has a reasonable layout and reasonable "feel" under the typing fingers. (Of course "reasonable" is a matter of taste; I happen to hate the chicklet/soft-touch keyboards such as the one you've illustrated.) Your best bet in this regard might be to cannibalize a membrane keyboard.

Then there's the problem of coming up with a case which is rigid enough to withstand being typed on while still being thin.

Good luck...

OH MY GOD!!! hahah :p yea, think thats my best bet as well :p BUT would it be possible for me to make it on my own :p ? but lets say i drew/designed a keyboard, is there anyway I could send that design to a company that makes it? Or only makes the membrane? :p

Yes, you could order a custom-layout keyboard. The cost would be high unless the layout happened to match one of their standard ones. I don't think there's an easy way to DIY that component.