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I want to download adobe flash player onto my PSP, and I need to know how much memory adobe flash player uses. Answered

I want to download adobe flash player onto my PSP, so I can watch youtube videos, but I need to now how memory adobe flash player uses. I have a PSP 3000 and a 4 gigabyte Memory Stick, and I used 195 MB of the memory on the Memory stick, and I was wondering if there was enough memory on the Memory stick to hold adobe flash player, and a bunch more game saves, or if there is another flash player that allows you to watch youtube videos that requires less memory


I just checked my PSP, and I have version 5.03., and I still can't play Youtube videos.

Hmm, you might be best to try that site, or search for the problem - if it happened to you it's likely to have happened to someone else and it'll be in multiple forums.


Youtube videos are stored in the RAM, not in the external memory. But if you talk about the Flash Player it is installed in the built-in memory of your PSP (For holding the firmware and settings) so you don't have to install anything on your memory stick.

The PSP use an edited version of Adobe Flash Player 6 but that version didn't came with video streaming that Youtube need so you cannot see them.