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I want to find CNC laser machine operation manuals, can anyone help me? Answered

I just got hired, and Im a 3-axis laser cutting operator working with two 5Kw machines (5Kw = 1,000,000 times your average large laser pointer) one is a NTC TLV-714 D and the other is a NTC TLZ-510. If it is at all possible that someone could scrounge up an english copy of operating manuals in English (ones that detail how do do things, like button sequences and beam codes) for one or both of these, i would be extremely grateful.


Not that it helps with your question, but I visited a 4kW laser cutter yesterday. It was awesome. And massive!

They are big for sure. After talking to an acquaintance of mine, its not really that one is to be well versed on a particular machine, but rather the particular G-code type language it uses.

Try NTC America 46605 Magellan Drive Novi, MI 48377 248-560-1200 248-560-0215 fax Sales: mcsales@ntcamerica.com Service: mcservice@ntcamerica.com Parts: mcparts@ntcamerica.com. I am sure they will help you