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I want to get a cell phone, but I am so confused by prepaid, 2 year contracts and whatever. PLEASE HELP ME!? Answered

I want a very cheap phone (not the "two cent 500 $ shipping stuff on ebay"), I want to be able to text and call (duh), but I dont care about internet, im just fine with my Apple computer.preferrably something small. And also please help with the figuring out of what all the prepaid phones are.


All I can suggest is that you find out which networks cover the areas where you want to use the phone, then hit their websites to find out what they're currently offering.

In fact, for many folks prepaid works out cheaper -- but you need to look at your own usage patterns to figure out whether paying per minute/message or paying a flat rate per month will make more sense for _you_.

Prepaid will probably be bundled with a relatively simple phone, but those do work just fine. The one-year or two-year plans will offer you a sexier phone, but of course then you're locked into that contract for the duration.

I'm using a prepaid plan from T-Moble (not a plug, just an observation). I use it very little, so buying time as I go works fine for me; I think I use under $50 worth of connect time in a busy year. If you're going to be sending/receiving texts every few seconds, that might not work as well for you.

Figure out what you need. Then figure out how to get it; Websearch will help, and/or you can ask your friends how service is in your area. Then plunk your money down on something... and absolutely refuse to second-guess yourself for at least half a year, because it is guaranteed that the moment after you commit someone will offer a better deal. (But if you wait for the best deal, you'll wait forever.)

I still mostly use landline, and I use text only to my girlfriend and that only when I'm afraid I might interrupt her in a meeting. So what's right for me may not be right for you. Shop around.

Check out Puretalkusa.com. Starts at 10 bucks a month and you can buy a phone real cheap. No Startup fees and no contracts.

Thank you verryyyy much that was helpful!

read again!


I agree with orksecurity, with one minor comment: if you want a better phone with a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, it's often possible to get one. It depends on the vendor, and you'll pay a premium, but it may be worthwhile. I pay 15 cents/min or per text, and also paid (about two years ago) $80 for a slider phone with full keyboard. It's the kind of phone you'd get free with a plan... which tells you something about what the phone company makes with a plan...