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I want to go to college to be an electronics engineer, how can I learn more about it before college? Answered

I'm in high school right now and have decided to be an electronics engineer, and thought it would be best if I started to learn more about electronics to be more prepared for college. I know about basic circuits and such, but that's about it. So I was wondering, is there any good and easy ways for me to learn?


Would electronics engineering involve a lot of coding, if so would it be good to learn a bit of it or will I learn a lot of it in college

It's a tool to use a spread sheet, coding as assertive devices,
using a computer is/are tools of the trade for every kind of engineer..

Don't get hung up on programming there are too many lawyers and
programmers out there.

The more you know and can do, the more valuable you are ! ! !

Electronics was a wonderfull profession, 30 years ago. It still might be if you are super intelligent and can keep up with the ever changing technology. If not, you might consider being an electronics TECHNICIAN. Many of the high tech jobs have gone away to other countries, but many jobs will always remain such as battery power systems, solar energy for homes, etc. Technician jobs pay less but are more secure.

OMG you forget about the engineers designing new motor windings and
controls to power the appliances of your world and the engineers developing better sensor with electronic controls to make the cereal and snack foods you
like and the engineers constantly improving the fly-by-wire aircraft controls to
transport the medical personal who take care of you and your little friend's
scrawny hide :-)

Thank you for the help everyone!

Forget about learning electronics and study extra math. For most people they can learn the electronics easily enough but the math that an engineer needs is real work.

If you cant handle the math, you'll never make it as an engineer of any sort. Study algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus and learn to love them, they will be your constant companions throughout your career.


very true - If you read the art of Electronics you will need the maths anyway.

The thing about college is that it teaches you these things. Just make sure you graduate from High School, get accepted to a college with electronics engineering, and that you have met any prerequisites for the school and for electronics engineering. Everyone's posts about needing math are very good points, if you get behind in math you'll get left behind in engineering.

Of course learning new things about your chosen field before starting isn't a bad idea. Just keep in mind once you're at college that you may have to re-learn or learn something a different way. Don't be that person in class who thinks they know more than the professor because they taught themselves something off the internet.

You can take a look at this online course https://6002x.mitx.mit.edu/ .

I agree with previous answers that every technical field university study contains lots of mathemathics and probability to drop out lays in it mainly. So make sure you have the needed level of knowledege. On the other hand I understand that this might not be the interesting thing to do at free evenings now, so you can dig into electronics right away and have more spare time from these courses later which gives better chance to catch up in math then.


6 years ago

I would go to DeVry inc.
There are fantastic ibles making really educational devices right here
from actual torque motor design, to lasers, to inverters even some 

May be you could work for a company for the experience.


Ask the potential colleges what book they are using.