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I want to hook my iPad to an older model Sony receiver. Does anyone know how? Answered

I have a ten year old Sony Stereo Receiver and want to play my iPod through it.  Does anyone know of a ready made wiring device, or how I might wire it up to work through the system and speakers?


All you need is a free set of audio inputs and one of these. Just plug the phono plugs into the audio input and then plug the 1/8" (3.5 mm) into the IPod. Adjust the volume on the IPod and then use the volume on the stereo for the rest.

The only inputs you want to stay away from are meant for "Record Player" / "Turntable" or "Phono(graph)". These accept much lower signals than the IPod (running the risk of blowing out the input) and have RIAA equalization which will make the music sound awful. Use any other available one even if it for some sort of video device. All those audio inputs are meant for line level, which you can adjust via the IPod volume control.


That is great, just what I wanted to hear. Sony told me no can do , which I did not think was correct.

I appreciate the help.

Have a good day!

Has it got a line-in socket ?

It has the usual DVD, tv, cd, etc connections with RCA plug s