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I want to ignite my fire simulator remotely? Answered

I run a small business teaching people how to use fire extinguishers and want to ignite my fire simulator remotely. The fire simulator is a small water filled stainless steel container that is propane fuelled and is lit (at the moment) with a gas cartridge weeding torch.
what is required is an igniter just above the water level that will light the propane gas at the water level and that will ignite the gas each time the fire has been put out by the extinguisher, so it will get wet.
having a wire from the simulator to a distance away is not a problem and because I do this training at my clients addresses it has to be very mobile.
My technical knowledge and ability is limited so simpler the better

Can anybody help me please

Kind regards




to further Kitemans reply. If you wanted to skip the button clicking, you can get a BBQ sparker that runs on a single AA battery. You just hold down the button and it sparks about 5 times per second. You would then have to run the wires like Kiteman said. I'm not sure if if would have more voltage and have the ability to make a larger spark, but i know it works good for potato guns.

I believe this is the unit Kiteman might be talking about... the standard sparker you find on BBq's http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/files/ig2_636.jpg

and here is the one I was talking about (I googled "battery BBQ sparker") http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v1/333872130/gas_BBQ_grill_replacement_parts_Battery_BBQ.jpg

I have purchased both types in a larger hardware store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, but I would imagine you could find them in smaller ones as well even in a store that just sells BBQ's

OK. So you are talking about a module, a thing intended to be installed, and become part of a gas grill, or gas stove, for the purpose of making the spark that lights the burners. 

I found a whole gallery of them here:

Somehow I got the impression you were talking/writing about a hand-held kind of thing, like the gizmo I linked to.

Not like it matters.  I guess there are lots of gizmos out there that make electric spark for lighting gas.  I mean in two broad categories: (1) the cheap one-shot ones based on a spring-loaded hammer hitting a piezoelectric crystal, and (2) the ones based on an electrically powered high voltage generator that give sort of automatic, or repeating, spark as long as a button is pressed.

I don't know where you are in the world, but I bought a high voltage igniter from a company called Alpha-Crucis on Amazon - 12V in, and a 1" fat spark out.

Obtain a piezoelectric barbecue lighter (the kind you squeeze to make a spark jump between metal points inside the end).

Dismantle it, you should find a smallish unit with a pair of wires to carry the electricity.

You can get twin-core wire (eg, for speakers). Connect the teo sparker wires to one end, strip the far end, and then arrange the ends so that squeezing the sparker creates a spark at the far end of the wire.

Fix your exposed ends above the water line (epoxy or hot-glue), unroll the wire, and you can squeeze to light at a distance.