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I want to know how to make quick cash. The problem, I live in a outport in Newfoundland Canada. Help? Answered

As long if its easy to do and don't cost money(and if its not illegal) im all in!! Also i don't want to envolve the internet( so stop suggesting it!!:)


Grow food. I know it sounds a little weird, but in a community of 250 people, it's probably your best bet. Just buy some seeds, plant them in the ground, and harvest them later. I'm not sure if you could rake in a lot of money from it, but it's easy enough... Or if you have any skills, like playing the guitar maybe, you could perform in public for money. But really, 250 people? My school is bigger than that I think, so you surely must know just about everyone there, which could be valuable resource if you're selling things.

Theres only 100 odd in my school. and its an outport community. Rural and theres alot of hills so farming, no can do...

What praytell is an outport community? If you have even a small amount of area, you can easily farm. Go look up some of the instructables for it.

He is right, NFL is not a great place to grow food, but there are lots of good ideas posted here, and your offer to help with other ideas sure is nice :0)

finally some one who undersatnds that!! bout time i sayd by:P

but the soil and ground and STEEP HILLS are horrible conditions for farming. And an outport is a small community that is along the coast, mostly a small fishing community, with a population of less then 300.

I'm telling you, if you import food to the community, it's going to be expensive, so selling it would cut out the middle man. Scatter some wheat seeds, or plant a stalk of corn in a few areas. You'd be surprised where you can grow, one time I grew a sunflower seed in an old gravel pit.

I only have 10 dollars. and the climate is horrible, especially in the cold winter

Ay well that might get ye into a rut... Alright well lets see... I could give you some of my own ideas, or link some instructables, your pick.

as long as it don't cost money or the internet i don't care

BTW? Can you bake? You are creative, I bet you could :0) Any cool frosting (icing) art you could put on a cake? People will buy special cakes for all kinds of occasions. Also, if you play the piano, could you play in a band that charges for its service?

im not that god on piano, or at bakng. i burnt kd in a boiler:P

Who am I going to Mugg!! There's only 250 odd people in my community!!

I saw this and it made me think. I'll admit right off the bat, you're asking a tough question. Everybody asks themself that exact same question at least a few times in their life. No matter where you live, there will always be pluses and minuses. There will also be needs and opportunities no matter where you live. You're shooting down everybody's suggestions. You haven't told us anything about yourself. How old are you? How much education do you have? What do you do in your spare time? Are you a people person, machine person, or an idea person? Do you like to travel? Do you have any special disabilities or natural skills? Are you outdoorsy or indoorsy? You get the idea, I'm sure. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then maybe someone can think of something to help you out. Otherwise, and I mean this in the most positive and inoffensive way, why ask for our help?

ok, im 15. i like outdoors, going to grade 10. during my spare time i either practice the piano, talk to my girlfreind or spend time with her, or does something incrediabley stupid:P i don't have no disabilities, i guess im a person person. im very creative:P but im not very strong...and am not the best at sports. if theres anything else you want to now, just ask

Hmmm creative huh? Hmmmm. .. Do you have access to a kiln for firing some cool pottery? What about designing 't' shirts? You could print your design and an ad on special transfer paper and print it on your printer then just iron on your design. Your design should have a number to call offering to make custom' t' shirts for people to buy. You could also sell them on Etsy. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling when you print your work.


9 years ago

Let's see. You live in a small community, have no money, and refuse to follow any suggestions involving the internet. I think the world's oldest profession is your only option, if you're not going to follow creative ideas like growing food (really, you're just being lazy and making excuses - a bucket of dirt indoors is enough to grow herbs). What skills and hobbies do you have? I don't even live there and I can think of zillions of things to do: Babysitting. Hairstyling. Cooking in people's homes. Scraping barnacles. Beachcombing. Repairing nets. Gut and/or scale fish. Why won't you do anything related to the fishing industry that everyone else is (ostensibly) doing? I can't believe there's nothing to do there that people won't pay you for.

Our fishplant closed down years ago and I tried the growing food thing, IT DON'T work indoors or out in this part of Newfoundland

Then it sounds like your community is dying, and you need to move.

I live on the burin Peninsula and the only dying community there is Taylor's Bay, Population:4

Make stuff then sell it on the internet.

I read (glance at) emails for $0.02 each and take surveys for $0.50 each. It adds up, and if you get enough people involved, you could make a good amount. You don't have to invest anything, there's nothing to buy, it's completely free. I just open emails. That's all you really need to do. PM me and I'll give you an invite to the the sites I use.

Ebay's a site on which you can sell things, normally antiques and such...


9 years ago

Try online things. For example, www.moola.com

Do you really make money from moola?

Yep, and if you ask GorillazMiko, I'm pretty sure he's made money also.

You don't make money. You earn it. Do something someone else is willing to pay you for.

Has anybody actually MADE money on moola.com? I tried it for about a week and never seemed to get anywhere even with help. The time I spent playing on moola, I could have picked seven things to make here from the help on instructables, and got a space at a flea market or put out a blanket in a subway and made more cash.

I was thinking of something that didn't involve the internet.

amazon mturk i ve made about 5.00 an hour