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I want to know your opinion the best airsoft gun for under 300$? Answered

AEG please.



heres a bunch of custom guns all with the same internals and range from cqb, to long range, i have the A3 in tan and its really good but whichever one suits you best. you have my word that they'll hold up for a long time. only things you would want to change are the wiring and bushings but thats after a long time of using it.

If you want a really good AEG, I would pick the M4. 320 fps, 7 shots/sec, 80$, its plastic, but you know, its all good. I've played with one of my friends that has one and its awesome. REALLY scary to take fire from this thing. It also comes with a shot gun mounted below the barrel. Really neat. You can buy it on Hobbytron.com. heres the link


Hope this was helpful!

It depends on what you want to do in a game. Do you want to snipe? Do you want to be a support gunner who just mows everyone down? Or do you want to just be a regular guy who trys to shoot people without getting shot yourself? If you want to snipe, you should get the UTG shadow ops sniper: $109.99 from evike.com, 460-500 FPS, 30 Round mag (with an extra), and a sling. you have to buy a scope and bipod seperately, which costs an extra 30 for the scope, 20 for the bipod. if you want to be a support gunner, you should get the A&K; SAW rifle: $300.00 off evike.com, 350-390 fps, comes with a 2400 round auto winding mag, and a bipod. One thing if you do get this gun, you will want to stay in one place, this beast weighs 15 pounds. And last but not least, The regular guy gun, The JG M4 S-System. Probably one of the most popular AEGs on the market, You can get it for $130 at evike.com, 390-430 fps, 300 round winding magazine, and it has tons of rails so you can put lots of upgrades on it. For example, scopes, nade launchers, flashlights, lasers, PEQ boxes, etc. My weapon of choice is the JG M4, Because i own it , and its amazing, but overall, you should make the final decision.

I recommend buying an ECHO 1 AEG ($150, chronos at 380fps). I have a P90, which is great. But get whatever gun will suit your playing environment.