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I want to make Compost from a 55 gal plastic barrel that contained "Built Liquid Alkali", if washed will it be usable? Answered

 I recently acquired a couple of blue plastic 55 gallon barrels in the hopes of making my own rotating composter(s) and upon doing some reading via I-net found a lot of people saying "Only use food grade plastic barrels". 

The barrels contained "Built Liquid Alkali", which is a silicated alkali builder designed for when combining with laundry detergent it makes for better soil removal and improves whiteness retention. Cautions read: Industrial use only, may cause burns, keep away from eyes mouth and skin. The first aid instructions are to use plenty of water to flush or wash affected area(s), leading me to believe that this is water soluble.

I am hoping that possibly using OxyClean or some other suitable cleaner that I can make these barrels usable for what I need them for.

If anyone has knowledge on this chemical and can provide some insight it would be most appreciated.


Triple rinse your drums with water only and you should be OK.

 would the oxyclean I mentioned help in any way though as I think it would help penetrate the small orifices of the plastic and get a deep down clean? And then a quadruple rinse? Just a thought and want to make sure my organic soil end product is prime. Thanks to everyone for their comments

.  What you have is laundry detergent booster. Water is all you need. Warm water will help; hot water will help more but may produce unhealthy vapors (not that likely since it's made to use in a washing machine, but play it safe). Let it soak for a while if need be.

 Cool, Thank You very much for your time and insight. Much Appreciated

Seriously, for rain barrels or composting, I would only use barrels that had been used for food.  Chemicals leach into the plastic and are not removed only by rinsing.  They will continue to leach into the soil.

We were able to get our hands on 55 gal plastic drums that had contained bulk olives at the grocers.

If I can make a composted with floor stripper buckets, you should be able to make them with alkali.  Wash with plain water until you cannot detect any of the residue or odor.

 triple wash like nacho said then wipe down with a disinfectant wipe then rinse again

Flood it with water until there is not smell etc. and it should be fine. CAREFULLY.