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I want to make a Davinci wing! Answered

I want it to look like on of the wing's from Davinci's desings, but I can't find just a wing thats big enough and cheap enough. It needs to be pretty easy to make and easy to get the materials I  need for it.  It doesn't have to be huge but larger than most model size. Any suggests would be great!


Steampunked gal




8 years ago

Use this drawing for your plans.

Use bamboo as RavingMad said for the framework.  Use small bolts for the connections.  But... use satin for the covering and only cover on top.

Is this something you want to wear as part of your atire?  or something to hang on the wall/ceiling for display?

Good luck and send us a picture.


8 years ago

You could probably make a pretty realistic-looking repro using bamboo from the garden center and some cheap muslin, or even just an old beige bedsheet or two, depending on how large you go. Just lay the framework out and lash it together with twine & glue (or hot glue, maybe), then attach the fabric to the frame with glue and maybe a few stitches using twine and a carpet needle.