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I want to make a Snood for my Whippet, how do i do it? Answered

id really appreciate it if anyone can help me,




Best Answer 8 years ago

As far as I can see a simple Snood is no more complicated than a tube of cloth with elastic in one end. The simplest version would be to cut the sleeve off an old sweater.
If you intend to make the snug Snood like on this website then that may take e little more work and planning but in this other one it appears to only be a tube. I suggest going about the following way for your first Snood :
1. Measure your Whippets neck from chest to ear and add a bit.
2. Measure the circumference of your Whippets neck.
3. Chose a warm fabric that still breaths and won't inhibit you friends movements.
4. Cut a piece as long as the first measurement and as wide as the second, with an addition for the stitches ofcourse.
5. (Optional) Find the middle of your piece and sew a buttonhole big enough to get the lead through.
6. Fold the piece into a tube longer than the neck and sew it together.
7. Make a fold in one end of the tube and sew that.
8. Make another fold at the other end and sew it almost all the way around.
9. Thread a piece of elastic through and tie it together. Length should be about the same as the circumference of you Whippets neck.
Good luck

Best Answer! Why, thank you. Don't forget to make an Instructable! I'd love to see how it turns out.

Thanks so much for your help - will let you know how I get on and show a pic :)


8 years ago

I know what a Whippet is, but a snood? It sounds Sussian.

Hi, this is what a snood looks like :)


a head covering

You will have to adjust the size but try this


Which one of these have you got in mind?

And why would you need any of these for your old car?