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I want to make a abstract plastic chandelier, it wont have a "normal" form.. Answered

I want to make a abstract plastic chandelier, it wont have a "normal" form...  more abstract so it will look like a blob of  hollow floating glass suspended above a stage... it will have lasers and coloured lights shining through it....
any suggestions as to what type of plastic?

attached is an art instillation that gave me the idea.



Do you intend to have one big blob or separate little crystals hanging off a frame of some sort like a chandelier? It seems you want a clear plastic and not tinted so it plays with and refracts whatever is shone through it. Big acrylic bowls or globes can be purchased but they may be costly depending on how big you want it. You can then heat them up and form them just like the glassblowers. Maybe experiment with PET plastic water bottles, heat shrinks the plastic, don't know if you can expand them while heated under pressure. Good luckl

an amorphousness form is the idea.. the size of a small car... with tunnels/tubes going through it, to reflect the light as it passes through

the image above was made with clear sheets of plastic.. but im not sure of what type.


maybe thin styrene if it was firm and solid, or could just be cellophane wrap piled into a heap - looks crinkly and crisp crackle folds.