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I want to make a cheap Lifting Gantry Answered

G'day, I am getting old and need help to make a cheap lifting Gantry. I have a lifting device to lift 1/2 ton.  I want to be able to place the device on or near the car trailer.  To be able to lift something like a half full 44 gal drum of rubbish, rocks, sand and tip in into my trailer to take to the dump.  Something simular to this.  Just two uprights and a cross piece that I can hang my lifter on. Cheers Perry



3 years ago

I like the medi evil approch mentioned ;)
But for simply lifting purposes I would go simple.
A nice sturdy pole with a free swinging beam on it.
Make the lever long enough and you lift a car engine off your truck with ease.
The romans used this method already for building before slavery was declared a crime.
For your type of lifter all you need is a sturdy frame and a roller system on the winch.


3 years ago

Got any welder friends? You can go with I beams, heavy angle iron, or large diameter pipe to make the contraption. You want it wheeled to move around or fixed in place by the carport? Look online for engine lifts/hoists and even drum barrel lifts - they make them for your purpose to get ideas on how to make one. Maybe no need to go big with a full frame. Go medieval and make it out of timber and lashed with rope. Good luck.