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I want to make a floor drum in my garage, how would one go about doing that? Answered

I'd like to make a drum with decent acoustics out of wood, leather and other assorted "genuine" drum materials.



6 years ago

i took some old doorskin, and soaked it in a 10 gal bucket until it was soft enough to form[this case 10 gal size] metal straping for cinching. coat wood with resin,clear coat, or what ever. ie; be sure to make a form for bottom to hold shape like 10 gal bucket cut down , 20 coats of resin should be plenty strong ,too many choices for the skin...[old leather coat, car shammy?canvas oil treated,old painting.. good luck.. p.s. this is my first reply iam actually pretty darn creative when i put my mind to it. i think i love this site


9 years ago

if you have the space time and patience you can learn how to steam wood (which is what you would need to do in order to bend it in a round shape) then go for it. if you don't, you can buy pre-made drum shells and just add or make the heads yourself, see diy mesh head tutorial but use leather or whatever other material you have in mind instead of mesh...