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I want to make a nice cave/home for my russian tortoise, his log is to small. Answered

His Log thing got to small. I want to make him/ find something that he can get into and sleep. Hes not HUGE about as big as a circle that you can make with your hands. Any Ideas?Scott ( my russian tortoise) would love to hear them!?


Our Russian isn't very social and she likes to sleep all day in cardboard cereal boxes. She goes through them every couple of months, because she tears through them, and she fits just fine. She's bigger than a fist, but definitely not fully grown.

using any styrofoam substructure will be disastrous for a turtle, ESPECIALY a Russian tortoise. they are such strong diggers that they will bury into the foam thru the grout and sealer. I have wasted countless hours thanks to my tortoise

I came in to post that link, too.

get some clay shingles? hot glue em' together