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I want to make a shocker, but i don't have access to a disposable camera. Any other ways to make a shocker that hurts? Answered

I want a taser/shocker like the disposable camera ones shown on instructables. I don't have access to any disposable cameras, or any butane lighters. I also stink at electronics. Any ideas?



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In high school I did a high speed photography project that needed a flash unit I could wire up to a manual switch. I thought about combing dumpsters for a junked disposable camera because I didn't want to spend the money on one.

Then I realized that a disposable camera costs $3 at Wal-Mart.

Totally got an A+ on that project.


the capacitor can be quite dangerous but the circuit that charges it produces 450 volts at a considerably lower ampage. search around there are a few instructables on how to do it easily.

You don't want to be hurting people, it ain't right.


I wouldnt use it against people.

hmmm...a shocker 'that hurts' that won't be used against people or animals, you're taking ALL the fun away!

Ok maybe some people. But never anyone cool. Or animals

Good news, that's a WEAPON in the eyes of the law. No can do.


The asker's own admission that they are 'stink' is not a place to go with dangerous electronics.

@author: Have you ever been shocked by a camera capacitor? Let me make it abundantly clear - it sucks, and in most any jurisdiction, it would be considered a weapon, whether used as such intentionally or accidentally. Just don't do it.

The fact that i am not the best is why i want a less powerful source.

"like the ones on instructables"..."camera"...

the guts of a camera are very dangerous, period.

no offense to freeza36, but I have gotten shocked by a camera capacitor once. I dont even think it was fully charged even. I still have little marks on my thumbs. It hurts like heck. I was working with a couple strobes for a thing for halloween, and let me tell you I avoided the caps like the plague.

As for your question, freeza, it would probably help to describe exactly what you want, in this case also include the reason why you want this. If you want it as a weapon, good luck getting anything out of these guys. The more info you include = easier to give answer.


None taken. I would like a "shocker" similar to one made from a disposable camera capacitor. I would like it to have less volts, and even then i wouldn't shock (most) people or (any) animals. But i would still need an easy to get piece of electronics, instead of make one from scratch.

search online for shocking pen (or gum or lighter or keychain, etc, there are literally hundreds of versions)

Maybe you can hack one to suit your needs. And they should be available for 1-5$ on ebay/similar

I agree. Any "friend" that did that to me would get the crap beat out of them and the devise used on them repeatedly. Some things just aren't funny.

Did and OK getting On.

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