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I want to make a tent trailer for a bicycle that can be pulled behind the bicycle. How can I make one? Answered

The bike tent trailer must be easy and light to pull yet be able to carry camping gear ontop of the tent while it collapsed.


I have done bicyclye touring here in Canada. I carried my tent on a rear rack and all my gear in panniers (saddle bags for bicycles).
Kiteman's sketch has already been done as a prototype in the Netherlands.
The inventer won on the Dutch TV show "Best Idea in the Netherlands".
(My translation of the show title) a few years ago.
An animated show was made of the idea and is posted on youtube here:
Note: a camping trailer or RV in the Dutch language is called a 'caravan'; which is also the British English way. So his idea is called 'fietscaravan'; 'fiets' translated is 'bicycle'.
In Dutch the show is called "Het Beste Idee van Nederland". It shows the concept of Thijs Bouman's (the inventor) bicycle caravan. The shows website had a clip from the actual airing of the TV show. The inventor's website is:
Good Luck and Happy Camping!

If you're camping by bike, you'd be best off with an ordinary trailer and carrying a small tent in the trailer.

However, if you are set on a trailer tent, I had an idea...

(If anybody else likes it, feel free to use it, as long as you post an instructable.)

trailer tent sketch.jpg

Hey could you use pvc pipe to make the tent sticks maybe..


As I said, anybody can feel free to use the idea.

Kiteman has spoken. So let it be written, so let it be done.

All joking aside, this looks very good. Especially if it was made of lightweight materials (i.e. not 3/4" plywood). I might add a batten or another pair of legs to support the center section a bit, but I'm loving this idea.

Surly is releasing a tow-behind trailer this spring that would be perfect for this. Buy one of those, put a marine plywood base down, a kick stand on each side to hold the trailer level while you sleep, blow up your thermarest, pitch a tent, and you're set. You may be surprised though what you could carry on a touring bike with front and rear panniers, just pitching your tent each night.

go look at the little kid seats that are covered that you pull with your bike (i am not saying you should buy one) take some measurements and look at the wheel alignment, frame, and the connecting pieces that attach the bike to the trailer then you need to figure out what you really want (height, width,length,weight) once that is complete do some research on lightweight metals and woods ( lightweight because i am a bike rider and  the last thing you need is weight when pedaling up a hill) i suggest when looking at these metals and woods you arent to cheap with your funds because if you want this to last a while you are going to pay a little more than you probably want to after the research is done you need to design your trailer and you do whatever you want with that  just make sure that it fits your tent when thats done then you can build it i suggest you use metal for most of it just because it is a little more durable you just need to put a waterproof sealant on the seams unless you can weld once you build the "BODY" of the trailer you should attach the axel for the wheels however you want to then you can paint it or decorate it however you want and your done but remember unless you are extremely lucky you are going to go through a ton of designs so dont get frustrated with your self take a break and come back to it later 

good luck and have fun

Way to use no punctuation at all, man. Very good explanation overall though.

 sorry i wrote it in a rush i was late for work


8 years ago

  Kiteman's first response is by far your best answer.   BUT.....I'd still use a collapsible tent on a solid trailer.  Purchase a tent that fits your size and build a trailer to it.   
  Here are 2 pictures of a purchased trailer.  I have seen many copies of this made from steel studs to aluminum ladders.
Also look at this next link. It is a bike trailer pool on flickr.