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I want to make a tiny hot plate Answered

I am trying to make a hot plate about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. I am going to wire in a dimmer switch for temp control, I would like even heat so I dont know if nichrome is the way to go-I'd love to use some sort of flat type resistor but havent found anything on line that seems fesible. Also I would like to use a plug in power suppy. Any ideas?


i know that some kinds of soldering iron operate using hollow internally black coloured tip containing a coil of resistance wire.
black so that all of the heat as light is absorbed as well.
this i know for a fact, as i found this inside my 4xAA powerd soldering iron.
surely some grades of nichrome wire, if you can keep away form air, will last a long time and will heat elements easily

How about using a soldering iron? You should be able to replace the tip with a metal cup, & wire it through a standard dimmer switch. L

Does anyone know how hot normal resistors can get?

. I think you are looking for a ceramic disc heating element. You may be able to rob one from a small portable heater.
. IIRC, you only have to get to ~390oF to vaporize the component(s) you are after (Google is your friend). Much above that and the "carrier" material starts to burn.

my gf likes the stuff at 390F, I myself don't. I do like to try oher herbal mixtures of which the temps i am unsure. Also I would like to find a way to make this without canibalizing to much in the way of other equipment.

What temperature do you want to get it up to and what will it be used for? There are USB cup warmers that are like a tiny hot plate to maybe gutting out a ceramic forced-air desktop heater...

I'd like it to get up to 500 - 600F . I am making a vaporizer for my asmatic stoner gf

A vaporizer is a fairly cheap appliance with all of the safety features built in. They are designed to have a medicine drip cup in there if needed. It might be easy to hack one together but I would opt for a tested design, unless water is not the substance being vaporized that might be pretty hot.

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