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I want to make a wooden music box, where do I start? Answered

I'm thinking about making a wooden speaker box that plays music from one of my favourite games.

The box would have an embossed panel with this logo on the front: https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1878799410/AnimalCrossingLeaf.png

n the top would be the speaker face, buttons to play and stop (2 seperate or a toggle) and a button to switch between playlists. On the back, would be an on/off switch and power cable if it requires one, although I'd prefer it having a battery.

So, what wiring/technology would I need? Could I break open an mp3 player and cannibalise it, or would I be better off with a Raspberry Pi, and with the Pi, would the software be hard to make? (have the buttons perform their actions).

Lastly, what tools would I need to do this? Thanks.



5 years ago

With the wood.

You don't need anything as complex as the Pi. If you have an old MP3 player around then use that. If you want to dive into micro controllers then get an Arduino and wave shield. They are perfect for this kind of a project.

On the question of tools, the easiest way to decide what tools to use is by looking at the tools you have available, and what tools you know how to use. I like to build boxes by hand with hand planes, chisels and saws. It can be done much quicker with access to a table saw, but hand made boxes have their own charm. If I had very little in the way of tools I could have wood cut at the store and pretty much get by without tools. You will need some way to make your logo. Woodburner, paint, dremel cut glass or plastic. The choices are pretty much unlimited. What would you like?

I think it's probably safer to just paint the logo on. Thanks for the tips! :D