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I want to make an articulating telescoping boom or pole that will hold about 20lbs and be able to reach 50ft. Answered

I would also like to control it from the ground. I wouldn't mind having to use manual controls but electronic would be ideal. I can't find anything online regarding using hydraulics. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Step 0: get RICH

Step 1: Buy a Articulating Boom

Here is a 70 foot articulating boom


Step 2: Remove the man basket, and mount chainsaw in its place.

Step 3: Run the control wires for the basket control box down the boom wire harness to the new ground location the the articulating boom control panel.

What direction will it extend?

20 pounds straight up (compression) is relatively easy to do.

Straight sideways, or other side-angle is significantly more difficult as a static object, let alone one that retracts - why? Because something strong enough to support the weight also has to support its own weight, and you have a law of diminishing returns - the further you go the thicker it needs to be, the heavier it is, the less objective weight it can support.

Either way -- it's not an easy task. Anything telescoping will have nested tubes, with stops that prevent them from coming fully apart. As for the method of axial elongation, there are a lot of options to extend it.

I am now interested in the Festo Tripod... http://www.festo.com/cms/en-us_us/13037_13043.htm#id_13043. I am interested in having a chainsaw extended on a pole or boom, 50-60 ft, that allows movement enough to cut branches. The pole or boom could extend vertically and then the chainsaw would have to be on something that could extend horizontally and move in the motion of cutting. Where should I start looking or reading? Thanks.

there is a pruning chainsaw on a pole available commercially - I have one. the distance you're thinking of is pretty 'out there' though.

To make the whole thing wield-able the saw portion has to be extremely light.

Check out fishing poles. OR look for a fibre glass sectional mast for a dingy.