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I want to make clear and green tinted kryptonite crystals out of liquid acrylic resin. Mold making? Answered

 I want to make them like the movie crystals, about 8-9 inches long . I don't know how to make a mold or what to make the positive from before I make the actual mold to pour in the acrylic.someone said styrene sheets and bonds to fill and smooth.any ideas?


To make a mold first you need to make an exact replica of the final product you can make this out of styrofoam or some other solid material. Then cover the model in a release agent, often a form of wax, and cast it in plaster. When the plaster sets cut the casting open and remove the model. You will also need to drill a hole into the casting so you can poor in the acrylic. Coat the inside of the mold in a release agent designed for acrylic, put it back together and clamp it tight, then pour in the acrylic. Allow the resin to cure and then carefully open the mold. You may need to polish the surface of the acrylic.