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I want to make necklace that will last 1,000 years... Answered

I like to carve bone and wood, and I was wondering if there is a carvable material out there that will last for a long time. Possibly something inorganic, like a plastic.

The material needs to be carvable, colorfast, waterproof, and pretty strong.

Any ideas? I've though of Corian, but I hear it's quite brittle.



stainless steel will last over 2,000 years

I have a wolf necklace that I wear that's lasted for three years (and taken abuse) and still looks brand new. It was handmade so I'm not sure exactly what they did. But obviously, the man cut off a peice of a branch, engraved the wolf picture, and then coated it in some kind of clear substance that hardened like a rock.......I wish I had a decent picture, the only one I have is unbelievably blurry....but here it is anyway.


 It's probably sealed with epoxy. It may yellow after the 10 year mark, if it gets enough sun.

I guess so.......I hope it doesn't though, I really like it.

 It's really nice! I hope it lasts, too.

BTW ... I finally got around to scanning it yesterday, here's the scan:



Thanks :)  I got it at a shop in the Rocky Mountains, so it's also a kind of memento from the trip =]

The hard thing is going to be finding something to bind it together which will last that long. And you may want to think about what conditions it will be stored under; unless you plan to bury it under a pyramid in a desert....

Nothing will withstand being *used* for 1,000 years.

Golds probably your best bet like Kiteman said.

If I was you, with your skill-set and resources (as demonstrated by your published projects), I would try and modify this technique to make a chain of glass links.

Failing that, go with gold.

.  Platinum might be a good, though rather expensive, choice.
.  Speaking of which ... still waiting for SASE/SASBox.

.  That was meant for Kiteman. Sorry for temporarily hijacking your topic. We now return to our scheduled programming.


Plans changed - subtle probing revealed that (a) she doesn't want any more ornaments "cluttering the place up", and she much prefers gold to platinum.

I've resorted to arranging 24 hours with no children instead...

(Sorry, my bad, I should have old you)

 AHAHAHAHA A GLASS CHAIN!!! Good one...only problem is...glass is brittle...lol


8 years ago

To truly last 1000 years, or more, use styrofoam. It never biodegrades and will be here long after we are gone.


I would have to say go with amber. Doesn't break down like other organic substances, so it should last a very long time.

 Amber breaks down pretty quickly when exposed to UV light from the sun.

I would think the difficult part would be the lanyard as stone, glass, and (heaven help us) plastics should easily last a millennium.   Gold is very durable but pricey- how about lead or brass or copper?  Animal sinew has proven itself thru the ages but that may be dependent on storage conditions (it has survived dry climates as well as the Aleutian Islands in the sub-arctic)  

Corian is probably no more brittle than stone so shaping and design need to account for this.

You can carve gold and it'll last for thousands of years if nobody finds it.  It's kinda pricy right now though.

Too bad you don't know anybody who works in glass. ;-p

Maybe something soft like slate?