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I want to make one of those USB mods. What to do if my USB is Kingston 4GB? I'm afraid to break it. Answered

I'm afraid to break it. Also my USB is a Kingston 4 GB USB, the one with white body and colors at the center, etc,etc

I'm referring to this one



I took that same one apart a couple of months ago. Here are the steps I took: 1) Back up all data, I cant stress this enough 2) Slide a pen knife along the seam indicated by the pen in the first picture. 3) Once the seam is cut through (don't go too deep), slide a metal butter knife along the seam while twisting to pry it apart and slide towards the end with the keychain clip. 4) The entire thing will pop apart like in the 2nd pic, exposing the guts of the flash drive. The 1st two pics have no usb connection sticking out because there is no longer a drive in them, just a case. The drives are shown completely modified in the last pic. Take your time and do it carefully


I recommend using one of these. I got mine included with a replacement screen for my pda a few years back. They make it much easier and safer on your hands to open up plastic cases.


It's your decision! As long as you're careful and don't do anything silly, getting the guts out of a USB stick is fairly easy. Just go easy and don't try to pry it open just at one point. Make sure you back up everything on the drive first . . . Just in case.