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I want to make some stone topped wine stoppers. How do you drill thru the stone? Answered

How can you drill thru hard granite stone? I need to drill a 1/4 inch hole about 1/4" deep so I can cement a wine bottle stopper to the stone.



8 years ago

I saw somewhere that the stone was fixed to the bottom of a bowl with putty, and filled with  water just over the top of it and then a cordless drill was used.  That should take care of the dust and keep the drill bit cool.  I have not tried it yet, but is is on my "to do "list as I have small stones which I would like to drill holes through.

The other solution would be to cement the stone to something that's cemented to the stopper...

As Steve has suggested, the carbide masonry bit is what you need. Be careful on two counts however, #1: as there will be rock "dust" produced (as well as some other fragments), be sure to wear both eye and breathing protection) and #2: rock can be very brittle, so be careful not to push TOO hard. Drilling too fast could get expensive after the 3rd or 4th time the marble breaks or shatters. :-)

Good advise on the dust and chips. I've been an amateur mason for as long as I can remember, and I ended up in the hospital by failing to wear sufficient eye protection. In fact, I *was wearing side-protector glasses at the time I got a chunk of rock in my eye, (Hand fitting a piece of stone in a wall restoration) so take it from one who's been there, use full face protection or well fitted goggles. My left eye has never been quite the same since. Not all damage heals. Regarding the dust...can't stress Goodhart's warning enough. Silicosis is a nasty lung disease right up there with black lung disease and asbestosis. That warning goes double for any time you find a need to cut stone using a diamond blade or similar... If you can borrow one from someone you know, an impact drill will make the job go quite a bit faster.

Don't think an impact drill on small stones is a good idea at all !

okay....but it's worked for me. I didn't realize the stone was small, just the hole.

I was just going off the title. "stone topped wine stoppers." I didn't figure they wanted bowling balls..... ;-)

Ok, ok...I'll split the pun award with you for this one

Admittedly, 1/4" deep isn't all that big a deal.

A carbide masonry bit will wotk fine. Granit isn't that hard