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I want to make square "Envelope Pillow Covers" with a front flap like a mailing envelope. Do you have instructions? Answered

I am making square pillow covers using 19" forms.  The back will have what is often called an envelope opening with overlapping edges.  I want to have a decorative triangular shaped flap on the front, similar to that on mailing envelopes, that will close with either velcro or a big button.  I am wondering if it would be easier to actually make an envelope, opening the flap to insert the pillow form.  I don't know if the form will show at the top corners.

If anyone has made a pillow cover like this or has instructions, I would really appreciate any help/advice  you can provide. :>)



It shouldn't be that hard.  You want to include a little flap into the top to cover the top of the pillow form, and over that flap, you'll have the triangular/envelope closure.  This will prevent the form from showing.  The triangle is going to be more decoration than function, so just think of it as creating a functional pillow cover and then attaching the triangle.

You'll need:
  • One 19x19 (plus seam allowance) square for the back
  • One 19x24 (plus seam allowance) square for the front and tuck
  • Two triangular pieces for the flap

Sew the triangles together (right side to right side) but don't sew the sides where it will connect to the rest of the case (the hypotenuse if you're using a right angle triangle shape).
Attach the triangles to the back square using a flat felled seam.
Hem one of the 19" lengths on the front/tuck piece.
Fold right sides to right sides on the front/tuck piece so it matches the back square piece length and width wise.
Sew right side to right side for both pieces of fabric.  Obviously not sewing the triangle up into it.
Add button/velcro for closure.

You'll need to do the calculations for the seam allowance.  I left that part out so as not to confuse you with odd numbers.

This project isn't wonderful, but it's a starting point.

Maybe this?

Notice that some people call them pillow cases instead of pillow covers.

Around my house if you sleep on it then it's called a case if you sit on or lean on it like on a sofa it's called a cover.

Use this as a guide to get the main part and alter the back to make the flap you describe.